Türkan Erdem has a wide collection of experience in different regions at different scales, both at home and abroad (Russia-Siberia, Yamal and Chukotka autonomous regions, Gubkinsky, Bulgaria-Sofia, Azerbaijan, Baku, Iraq-Diwaniyah, Suriname, Guyana, Jordan, Amman, Saudi Arabia-Jizan) ranging from urban squares and recreation areas to housing, hospitals, educational buildings, shopping centers, offices and mixed-use areas of the landscape.

In addition, she has research and extensive works on landscape restoration fields (mines rehabilitation, rain gardens/bio retention areas, biological pond systems, roof garden systems) with special expertise on green belt facilities.

Design and graphics standards in her office are based on “ASLA" (American Society of Landscape Architects) standards. Likewise, technical specifications are based on CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Master Format.

The Expertise of Türkan Erdem Landscape Architecture and Design Workshop:

1-     The design and project services

      • Designing structural landscape coordinated with other disciplines.   
      • Works to superimpose Infrastructure and superstructure.
      • Coordination of infrastructure ensured by designing surface and underground drainage systems and detailed works.
      • Assessment of comprehensive information about plant material; tundra, tropical, sub-tropical, Mediterranean and a large number of plant species of xeric vegetation climate; habitat characteristics, plant sociology and psychology considered along with environmental influences.

2-     Ecosystem ecology, botany, dendrology, entomology, phytopathology, "Ecology Report" studies enriched with our knowledge and experience and consultancy services.

3-     Project management.

4-     Budget planning.


As Türkan Erdem Landscape Architecture and Design Workshop;

Our goal is to protect the borders and harmony between man, nature and the city designing a more beautiful environment within the scope of sustainability.

Finally, we believe that a landscape project must be well integrated with geography, ecology, infrastructure and superstructure.




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